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How To Make Money with Traffic Exchanges

I've spent hundreds of hours surfing, hundreds of dollars on credits and upgrades, I've surfed over 40 different traffic exchanges.

I've also gotten hundreds of referrals, thousands of free credits and built up an email list of over 600 people using nothing but traffic exchanges.

When I first started online marketing, I promoted nothing but affiliate links. Long drawn out sales pages that nobody wanted to sign up for - See traffic exchange users surf exchanges so they can promote THEIR business. It took me months to even realize I was wasting all my time & credits advertising stuff that nobody wanted.

I was determined to succeed though. I know that people using traffic exchanges were just like me. Newbie marketers who wanted to build an online business and get as much "free" advertising as they can.

I quote free because traffic exchanges are TECHNICALLY free - But in order to get some results with them, you either have to spend some money or spend hours and hours of time.

Neither your time or money are free - I want to make sure you understand that this post isn't about a "sign up, do nothing and get rich" system that I have - This still is going to take some effort and time from you - And some money - hopefully as little as possible, but it will make a big difference if you can spend a little *unless you are willing to surf 3-4 hours everyday - i'm not :)

The most important thing to Traffic Exchange success is this: You need to give surfers what THEY need! And that is more credits with less work.

There are a couple ways to get more credits with less work - Pay for them or build referrals. Paying for them is an option, but you need to be careful here. I spend about $40-$50/month on traffic exchanges and I still surf 3-4 hours per week. I spend my money on upgrades at the better exchanges and spend my surfing time their as well.

The other way, and much better, is to build referrals - When you get referrals for traffic exchanges, you earn a % of their surfing - So when they surf, you get free credits. The more referrals you have, the more free credits you get (the more free credits you get, the more free advertising you get for YOUR websites!)

Now as easy as that sounds, a lot of people go about this the wrong way. They will advertise traffic exchanges directly (on other traffic exchanges) as a way to get referrals - This takes a LONG time to build any kind of a good base.

There are better options, like a downline builder. Where you promote 1 page, and it builds up traffic exchange referrals under many traffic exchanges.

The best program for this is Traffic Hoopla - They rank the top 25 Traffic Exchanges every week. You put YOUR links in for each exchange, and then anyone you refer to Traffic Hoopla can build up referrals for you across any/all of the best Traffic Exchanges.

But here is the thing - We are surfing exchanges to MAKE MONEY! And building up free credits is great, but at some point you have to be making some money.

Despite all the free credits I built from Traffic Exchanges, I was making very little money. Even less than what I was spending monthly on my upgrades. Not a great way to spend your time :)

See I learned, tested and worked on these concepts above for about 6 months. I surfed exchanges like a madman, advertised various programs like crazy, and STILL got no results. I was getting signups, and building a list, but still not making any money!

A few weeks ago an online marketing friend sent me a link to a program called Traffic Exchange Profits.

A lot of people send me ads all the time. I have quite a contact list and I advertise all the time. So it's natural to expect some reverse advertising. I can usually tell the difference between someone who is "selling" to me and someone who is genuinely making a recommendation because something is working for them (and believe me, online networking in THAT regard, is the most valuable networking you can get! When you build a friendship and trust with someone, and they recommend something, it's worth looking into)

I'm trying not to ramble on and on - really :)

When I saw Traffic Exchange Profits it all clicked - I had actually signed up for TEP a couple times before, but never taken it seriously - Just glanced through it, figuring it was more garbage like the other stuff I'd done.

But Traffic Exchange Profits actually makes sense.

It builds every aspect of a complete business - Instant Income, Automated Follow Up and Residual Income - All by just promoting 1 link.

Traffic Exchange Profits comes with 15 different landing pages. All these are short and sweet and designed specifically for Traffic Exchanges (as in Splash Pages). These pages offer 1 thing - A Free Money Making Report. So anyone who is surfing an exchange can grab that report and take a look at it on THEIR time.

When surfers are checking email or whatever, they can go and see the report.

This is one of the best aspects of Traffic Exchange Profits - Here is why: It does all the "selling" for me. It explains how to build traffic exchange referrals, how to earn instant cash and how to build residual income.

It showcases 2 traffic exchanges that are Excellent for earning cash from: TrafficSplash and TrafficWitch - You can earn 75% commissions on your referrals upgrades through TrafficWitch. This is an unbelievable commission rate! You can also earn 50% commissions on your Traffic Splash referrals.

Both exchanges also pay 10% commissions to free members - So even if you can't afford the upgrade right away, you can still earn cash by getting your own referrals.

Traffic Exchange Profits then explains why we need an autoresponder (my autoresponder is my best online business tool - period)

With TEP, you get a free 30 day trial for the TrafficWave autoresponder. Doesn't require a credit card! So you don't have to remember to cancel in 30 days. If you don't like the system, you just let it lapse - No payment, nothing to lose - It's completely risk free (which is rare in the online marketing industry :)

Once you enroll in Traffic Wave, you get 25 autoresponder messages to upload into YOUR autoresponder! These 25 messages send continuous follow up to your prospects for you - AUTOMATICALLY - All you do is set it up, customize your links (so you get referral credit!) and then go promote Traffic Exchange Profits yourself.

These 25 follow up messages are excellent. Professionally written so that your leads see the benefits - Nice templates make TEP look VERY professional - And the writing explains the system for you. There is no hard selling - No false promises - It's nothing like your typical marketing bs. It simply outlines the benefits of joining Traffic Exchange Profits and using the same system themselves.

The follow up is crucial. Many online marketers have a short attention span (myself included!). We need information fast and it has to tell me what's in it for me. Traffic Exchange Profits does this perfectly.

So why does Traffic Exchange Profits work?

First, it streamlines your entire business. You don't have to promote an autoresponder, and traffic exchanges separately. By just giving away the free report, you begin to build traffic exchange referrals, instant income AND residual income. All in the background - Without you pushing or hard selling anything

It also works because nobody HAS to pay anything. Even prospects who just read the report have a chance to earn you referrals on Traffic Splash and Traffic Witch (right on the report). This builds up referrals and free credits for you. I get referrals for both these exchanges every single day, despite those people not using TEP for themselves.

Automatic Follow Up - #1 in my book. A lot of us will often overlook 2 or 3 messages from stuff we signed up for. But when you start to see 7, 8, 9 emails, prospects are much more likely to take another look. The Traffic Wave autoresponder sends out the 25 emails. This follow up turns a LOT of prospects into signups!

Traffic Exchange Profits gives surfers what THEY need: Ways to earn more credits for less work. By doing this, you build prospects. Remember Traffic Exchanges are a numbers game - The more prospects you get, the more referrals and sales you get.

Extremely Low Cost! To use the entire Traffic Exchange Profits system costs $5. This gives you a copy of Stacked Income and the ENTIRE Traffic Exchange Profits backoffice.

The $5 is our way of earning instant income. And when you refer others, you earn $5 over and over. You get 100% resell rights and the money is sent straight to your account.

Unlimited Earning Potential! With Traffic Witch you can earn $50 for each upgrade. With Traffic Splash you can earn $4-$5 each month from each referral. Traffic Wave pays you 100% up front commissions of $17.95 for each signup, plus a monthly commission from your active referrals. You also get a % of THEIR referrals. Traffic Wave pays you through 10 levels! You can EASILY build up a serious monthly residual income with Traffic Wave.

So why is this such a lengthy post? Why didn't I turn this into a super flashy sales page?

For me it's simple. The people who will REALLY see the benefit of Traffic Exchange Profits are those surfers who are FRUSTRATED with traffic exchanges. This is actually most surfers, to be honest. But what happens is that those people often give up. Remember, 97% of online marketers fail to make $10/week -

I recognized how valuable and effective this system would be right away - But that was because I am a longtime surfer. I've used countless systems and wasted hundreds of surfing hours and thousands of credits, along with hundreds of dollars.

So I'm a bit lengthy in my explanation, because I have been through the crap for a LONG time. And I work a lot harder at it than most people.

Anyone who is serious about succeeding with traffic exchanges will instantly see WHY this works so well.

It provides you the best splash pages. It does all the follow up. It does all the selling. It gives you multiple income opportunities. It earns you instant income along with building residual income.

And it does it all with just 1 link -

It's the most effective system I've used for Traffic Exchanges. In my first 2 weeks I've already gotten 26 Traffic Splash referrals, 18 Traffic Witch referrals, a free Traffic Wave signup and $175 in cash through upgrades and sales of OBA.

Start earning money with Traffic Exchanges yourself

Get your Free Report from Traffic Exchange Profits

to your success,


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